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3 phase power installation

At Hello Electrical, we offer 3 Phase Power Installation services in Sydney for both commercial and residential properties.

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3 phase power installation by
3 phase power installation

Our licensed electricians are experts in installing and upgrading three-phase power for heavy machinery, air conditioners and other electrical appliances. We ensure that our installations include safety switches, neutral wires, and live wires to regulate the flow of power and prevent harmonic currents. We can find the nearest existing 3-phase power line and get the installation done within a reasonable timeframe. 

Phase 3 Power Upgrades Sydney

With a three-phase electrical switchboard, your system can handle the power demands of three-phase electrical systems, making it an ideal choice for larger commercial buildings and residential properties with multiple systems and appliances. If you have a big home, we recommend a 3 phase switchboard upgrade, which allows for both 230V and 400V power from the same electricity supply. Our certified electricians in Sydney are always available to answer any questions you may have. Choose us for quality services and peace of mind.

Air Conditioning

At Hello Electrical, we know that air conditioners need three-phase power supply. Our licensed electricians are skilled in safe and efficient installation of 3 phase power for AC units. We make sure that the power density is right and other appliances aren't disrupted. Trust us to upgrade or install your three-phase power supply for peace of mind and optimal AC performance.

Phase 3 for Electrical Equipment

We understand the importance of reliable electrical equipment. Whether you need electrical equipment installed in your residential property or commercial building, our licensed electricians are here to help. We offer a range of electrical equipment installation services, from air conditioning units to heavy machinery. Our team can also upgrade your existing electrical equipment to a 3-phase power supply, ensuring efficient power loads and flow.

Residential 3 Phase Power

At Hello Electrical, we specialise in installing 3-phase electrical switchboards for homes. These switchboards have one neutral and three active wires, making them powerful enough to meet the demands of larger households. Our electricians have extensive experience installing electrical equipment, including air conditioners and washing machines, to ensure optimal power density. We closely manage power loads and only use quality products, so homeowners can trust that their electrical appliances are safely connected to the grid. With our professional electrical services, we make it easy for residential homes to benefit from the advantages of 3-phase power systems.

Wiring for Electrical Appliances

Wiring for electrical appliances is critical to ensure safety and efficiency in the functioning of these devices. Whether you need wiring for residential homes or commercial properties, Hello Electrical can help. Our electricians are trained to install and upgrade three-phase power systems for heavy machinery, air conditioning units, and other power-intensive equipment. We also provide safety switches and other phase equipment to help regulate power loads. 

Wiring for Lighting and Switches

For efficient and safe lighting and switches, proper wiring is vital. Our team at Hello Electrical offers top-notch wiring services for both commercial and residential properties. We strictly follow industry standards and regulations to ensure that your electrical installation runs smoothly and meets your specific needs. Trust us to upgrade your electrical system to a 3-phase power supply for a seamless flow of power throughout your property. 

Wiring for Major Appliances

Wiring for major appliances requires professional handling and expertise. At Hello Electrical, we have licensed electricians to ensure safe and efficient installations. Our team is trained to handle heavy machinery and electrical appliances for both residential and commercial properties. With our 3-phase power supply system, your appliances will run with power density and peak efficiency.

Earthing of Electrical Equipment in a Home

Earthing of electrical equipment is crucial in any home to provide safety and prevent electrical shock. Our electricians are trained to evaluate, install and update grounding systems for residential homes. By ensuring the electrical equipment is properly earthed and bonded, you can ensure that your family and property are protected from any electrical hazards. 

Commercial Properties - 3 Phase Power Electrical Installation

At Hello Electrical, we specialise in three-phase electrical switchboards for commercial properties in Sydney. Our comprehensive installation services ensure your business has the power it needs to operate smoothly. We work closely with you to assess power loads and locate the nearest existing three-phase power line. Our top-quality installations provide peace of mind and seamless power flow to all your commercial applications. With four wires, one neutral and three active, three-phase switchboards are powerful enough to handle the demands of larger commercial buildings. However, they can also be installed in larger residential homes that require more electrical systems.

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3 phase power installation

Your Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your rates for your Electrical services?

As a part of our commitment to serving you, we conduct an honest, obligation-free electrical quote with quality advice. We do not charge based on hourly rates as it could falsify deals. We recommend three quotes to you when inspecting electrical faults in your home to ensure that you receive a reliable and honest quote. Our customers experience the very best electrical services with zero hidden costs or unforeseen charges. With over four decades of combined experience within the electrical industry, Hello Electrical is a trusted name in Sydney, providing competitive rates, reliable services, with numerous satisfied clients.

What are your hours of business, and do you have an emergency service?

Our business hours are 7am-5pm, this allows us to offer a premium service with highly skilled individuals only operating at their peak capacity. We want our clients to know that we are here to support and service their electrical needs any time of the day or the night. Call us at 1300 303 077 if you require immediate electrical service. All you need to provide us over the phone is your name, number, address and electrical fault.

What general electrical services can I do on my own?

There are many electrical services you can do on your own as long as you research the job in advance. However, there are also many electrical services that shouldn’t be done on your own. Some of the electrical jobs you can do on your own include, lightbulb changes, installing low voltage lighting, and installing new appliances.

How long do general electrical services take?

Different electrical services can take different amounts of time. If you give our team a call and tell us the scope of the service and what service it is you need, we can easily provide you with an estimate on the time the service will take to complete.

How much do general electrical services cost?

General electrical service prices can vary depending on many things. It depends on the specific job, the size of the job, the difficulty, and much more. At Hello Electrical we always try to keep our prices as affordable as possible. For a quote on the electrical service you need, give our team a call.

How Can I Get In Contact with Hello Electrical?

You can contact Hello Electrical by calling us 1300 30 30 77 for your free electrical service estimation!

What Type of Electrical Services can Hello Electrical provide to its customers?

Hello Electrical offer a wide range of services for your home. Our team are trained and experienced in all these services, specialising in Switchboard Upgrades and Emergency Electrical situations.

Where does Hello Electrical service?

Hello Electrical services a myriad of locations including: Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Lower North Shore, The Hills District, North Shore, Upper North Shore, Central Coast and Western Sydney.

Why do I need licensed electricians?

You need licensed electricians to follow a well-defined set of safety standards, procedures, and regulations set by Fair Trading NSW. This is to protect you, your property, and anyone who uses the electrical systems or equipment on your property if something goes wrong. Are you looking for a licensed Electrician in Sydney? Get a free quote now. An Electrician based in NSW needs to be licensed and is regulated by the local state licensing authority. The person who executes the work must have a valid licence or be an apprentice/trainee and work under a licensed electrician’s supervision.

Do you provide a free quote?

Yes. Once you book an appointment with one of our team of friendly local electricians, we will call about 20-30 minutes before we arrive at your location, introducing ourselves. You will also receive a booking reminder text message. Irrespective of how you contact us, we charge zero call-out fees.

What types of Electrical services do you provide?

We provide swift, professional and cost-effective Electrical services across all Sydney suburbs. We will quickly solve your electrical problem, whether the electrical fault is in your residence or commercial space. Hello Electrical can flawlessly serve commercial and residential clients with a wide range of electrical services that can fit any magnitude or capacity of electrical trouble. Some of the electrical services we provide:

  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Emergency Electrical situations.

Are you insured and licensed Electricians?

We are a team of insured and certified electricians with proof of liability insurance. In any case of an injury at work, we are covered. This takes a whole lot of stress off you. A licensed electrician has fulfilled the requirements to obtain professional insurance to practice, and licensing can also indicate that. To get you started, you can call 1300 303 077. You need to avoid hiring unlicensed or non-insured electricians as it secures you from various risks—licensed electricians.

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Hello Electrical is your #1 Sydney electrician who will provide you with quality advice and services at a very competitive price. Contact Hello Electrical today and one of our friendly electricians will be more than happy to assist you with all your electrical needs in Sydney!