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Smart home services

Hello Electrical provides top-notch smart home services in Sydney. Our services cover a wide range of smart home solutions and automation technologies, including security systems, lighting control, air conditioning, climate control, access control, and energy management.

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Smart home services by
Smart home services

Our extensive range of smart devices and energy-efficient automation products is designed to simplify your life, enhance comfort, and ensure your peace of mind.

Types of Smart Home Services

Automation technology

Hello Electrical provides the latest automation technology in Sydney, allowing for a wide range of smart home solutions. Our Automation products include access and climate control, lighting and energy management, precise and simple control, and video and voice command options.

With automation services like motion sensors and voice control, customers can have peace of mind with their smart home technology. Our automation installation services extend to security systems and smart appliances, ensuring every aspect of your home is connected and energy efficient.

Access control

We provide precise and simple control solutions through the use of advanced technology. Access control allows you to monitor movement around your property and limit unauthorised access. Our dedicated team of experts can install a smart access control system that integrates seamlessly with your home automation system.

Lighting control

Our automation technology lets you control your lights with voice commands, smartphone apps, or remote controls. You can customise your lighting settings to suit your preferences, and you can also monitor your energy usage and increase your energy efficiency.

Our smart home installation experts provide comprehensive services, ensuring hassle-free lighting control. Whether it's for an indoor LED light installation or an outdoor garden lighting setup, our lighting control solutions will enhance your home or business.

Climate control

Climate control allows you to monitor and control your home's temperature from your mobile device or through voice commands. Our automation technology allows precise control of your air conditioning and heating systems, promoting energy efficiency and reducing energy usage. With a wide range of automation products and smart devices, we can provide comprehensive climate control solutions tailored to your needs.

Security systems & motion sensors

At Hello Electrical, we understand that your home's safety and security are paramount. That's why we offer top-of-the-line security systems that integrate seamlessly with our motion sensors and CCTV installs. With our expertise, you can rest easy knowing that your home is always protected, no matter where you are.

Popular Smart Home Devices and Products

Hello Electrical offers many popular smart home devices and products to make your life easier. We have everything you need to automate your home, from smart lighting and air conditioning to remote access and security cameras. Our automation technology allows precise control of energy usage, temperature, and lighting, giving you peace of mind and optimal efficiency.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is an essential part of any modern smart home. With our expert Smart Lighting Services, you can easily control your home's lighting anywhere in the world using your mobile device or voice command.

Our wide range of automation products ensures that your lights will always be energy-efficient and perfectly timed to suit your lifestyle. With just a press of a button, you can now enjoy precise control of your lighting and enhance your home's ambience easily.

Light switches & dimmers

We provide exceptional smart home services in all Sydney suburbs, including installing and integrating smart light switches and dimmers. Our Sydney team is experienced in working with a wide range of automation products, ensuring precise control and simple operation.

With our automation technology solutions, you can control and customise the lighting in your home according to your needs and preferences, leading to energy efficiency and cost savings.

Air conditioning units

We provide advanced smart home technology for air conditioning units. Our automation solutions help you control your home's temperature from anywhere, at any time. With our smart home installation service, you can make your air conditioning units eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Our smart devices allow remote access and voice command, making controlling your air conditioning units simple and stress-free.

Automation products & solutions

Do you want more manual control of your home's amenities? Hello Electrical has you covered. Our wide range of automation products and solutions are designed to improve your life.

With smart technologies like voice command and video control, you'll have complete access and precise control over your home's lighting, climate, and energy management. Our extensive range of quality electrical and smart appliances allows you to save energy and have remote access to your home's amenities.

We Provide A Wide Range of Smart Technologies

Hello Electrical offers a wide range of smart technologies that can transform your home into a modern, automated dwelling. Our automation solutions include climate control, lighting control, access control, and more.

With our smart devices and automation products, you can enjoy precise control, energy efficiency, and enhanced security. Our smart home installation services ensure everything is installed correctly, and we'll even show you how to use voice or mobile device control. Reach out to one of our friendly staff for more information today!

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Smart home services

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Can you also offer data setups for businesses & commercial clients?

Yes, we can offer all of our services to both residential and commercial buildings. No matter what electrical service you need we can get it done for you, wherever you need it.

How long will this take?

Depending on the exact services you require it may take anywhere from 2-6 hours. When you call to book in or get a quote we can give you a timeline estimate on the service.

How much do services like this cost?

Services like this vary depending on the specific service you need. For a full quote on these services give our friendly team a call and tell us the full scope of the services you need from us.

Can you set up all my cables in my new house?

Yes, no matter what cables and services you need set up in your new home, we can take care of it all. From data cables to your TV service cables and your telephone, we can help you to get it all set up.

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